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Introducing the 1881 Club

Introducing the 1881 Club

Michelle Reid24 May - 21:13
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We are delighted to welcome the creation of the 1881 Club.

The 1881 Club is a supporter led initiative to raise money for the development of New Dundas Park. Below is a statement from the founding members.

We believe that collectively we can help create a stadium in the heart of our community that befits the best supported team in League Two. We have just launched our new website ( please take a look. There is lots of information about our purpose and structure that will hopefully answer any questions you have.

But in summary the 1881 Club is seeking like minded supporters who wish to see the club continue to realise its potential. By collecting small monthly contributions from many people, we will build a collective fund, exclusively intended for New Dundas Park upkeep and improvement. We will never release money for anything other than for the ground and money will only be released to the football club when it represents good value and the 1881 Club members vote for it.

We are now signing up members and we hope you feel that you can commit to a monthly contribution. Members are being asked to contribute up to £18.81 a month by standing order.

We know that monthly contributions aren’t for everyone and we also know that many want to do more than contribute financially. We have been working closely with the football club to kick start the volunteer opportunities – the club are currently working through a schedule of work over the coming months. Whatever skills you have, you can make a difference. This is another vital resource for the club and can save significant expenditure costs. If you are interested, please get in touch.

We will issue regular financial updates to members and we hope to have a face-to-face meeting for all members before the start of next season. This is to allow you to learn more about the football club’s plans for NDP as well as an opportunity to hear your views. Remember we will only ever release money to the football club when this is formally approved by 1881 Club members.

Finally, last season we trialled some ‘pie and a pint’ pre match events in the Roses club and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We hope to continue this next season for a selected number of home games and we will be asking members for their views on the best matches to opt for next season. These events will be open to all and provide a great opportunity to raise money for the ground but we also know people enjoy the social element.

Over the last few months, we have spoken with lots of fellow supporters and there are two common themes; a deep affection for the 'Boomtown Bernabeu’ and a strong desire to make it better. Let’s harness that desire and make it happen

You can chat directly to the 1881 club founding members during in person season ticket sales in the Andy Kelly Lounge at New Dundas Park.

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